Home Selling Tips – Best Real Estate Advice Ever

One of the most important things to remember when selling your home is to keep it as clean as possible. If you need help or don’t have the time to organize your stuff, you can hire a home staging professional in your area. Ask your real estate professional for more information.

1. Remove any clutter from the home and place it in storage. Do not store this stuff on the property if you don’t have enough room. Storing clutter in closets or in your garage, will often make these areas look smaller. By removing clutter or even large pieces of furniture, the rooms will look larger.

2. Disconnect yourself emotionally from your home. This is a big problem for people who have lived in their house for long periods of time. If you’ve raised a family here, the children could have emotional ties also to the home. Some home sellers are looking for someone special to buy their home, if you’ve got the time and money to wait, you can be selective but be careful, because the longer you wait, the market could go up or down.

3. When your real estate professional is showing the house, it’s always a good idea to leave the home until the potential homebuyers are gone. One example of this would be if you were in a bad mood or didn’t have a good day and were a little upset at the world. Your mood could cause potential homebuyers to lose interest in the property. I’ve seen this more than once.

4. Make sure everything is operating properly. This would include doors, door knobs, windows, kitchen appliances, garage door openers, cabinet drawers, bathroom fixtures, toilets, faucets, lights, switches, electrical outlets and anything else that moves, slides, turns or rotates that is part of the home.

5. The Interior and exterior walls of the home should be in good shape. Make sure there’s no termite damage, wood rot, peeling paint, broken windows or holes in the walls.

6. Make sure the flooring is in good shape. Some real estate professionals will suggest, replacing the carpeting with a neutral color. This method often works pretty good but I have seen plenty of homes that were re-carpeted and after the home was purchased the carpeting was replaced again, by the new owners. Just make sure the flooring is in good shape.

7. Here’s a trick that definitely works a little magic when selling a home. Leave some cookies or a nice fruit bowl on the dining room table. There is no need to leave a sign that says „Eat Me“. It gives the home a warm feeling, almost like a country atmosphere.

8. Even better than home selling tip number seven would be baking some cookies just before the perspective buyers arrive, it’s not the cookies, it’s the smell from the cookies that most people cannot resist.

These are just a few home selling tips but the most important is to keep the inside and outside of the home clean.

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Source by Greg Vandenberge

9 Tips to Get Your Home Sold Fast

The housing market has changed. Not too long ago you could put a home on the market and it would sell in a reasonably quick time. This is no longer the case. Now more than ever, you must follow these steps to understand the market if you want your home to sell. You need to do your homework.

Understand your reasons for selling: Your reasons for selling affect everything from setting a price to how much time and effort you will invest in preparing your home for sale. You need to understand what is more important: the length of time your home is on the market or the amount you walk away with? Your motivation will dictate the sales strategy.

Research the market: Your real estate agent should do this for you. Find comparable homes that have sold in the last three to six months. Also check into where current comparable homes on the market are priced. This is what potential home buyers will do and you need to do this before setting your price.

Price your home based on the market: This step should not be taken lightly. In setting your price you are stating this is the maximum a buyer needs to pay for your home. Pricing too high and pricing too low are equally dangerous. An average home buyer will look at anywhere from 15 to 20 homes as they shop. Your home needs to compare favorably with the competing homes available. If your home does not compare favorably to the others available, you will create the wrong impression with buyers and their agents. This will cause your home to sit on the market longer than average. As your home ages on the market, buyers will begin to think there is something wrong with it.

Get a good Realtor: Many home owners will tell you that they wouldn’t use the same Realtor who sold their last home again. Often this is due to poor communication and lack of feedback. Make sure that everyone understands the communication expectations from the beginning. On my website you can get a free report on the 10 questions to ask before hiring an agent.

Make your home shine: Appearance is a crucial element in any home sale. Corporations spend billions of dollars every year in packaging products and skipping this when selling your home would be a huge mistake. Major changes may not be financially feasible, but do everything possible to improve the appearance. Make sure that you prepare your home for showings by cleaning like you have never cleaned before, straighten, pick-up,

Provide easy access to good information: When home sellers are first asked what they feel is going to be most effective in selling their home most answer with an open house. Less than 1% of homes are sold because of an open house. Nowadays home buyers value their time just as much as you do. They want information and they want it now. Be sure that your Realtor offers a 24 hr recorded hotline that allows buyers access to information about your home. With this tool as many as 3 times more buyers will call for information. More buyers can create an auction like environment for your home giving you a position of strength.

Know who the buyer is: Motivation is a key element of the negotiation process where the objective is control. Does the buyer need to move quickly and can they pay asking price? Key information like this can give you the upper hand through negotiations.

Put it in writing: Sellers that understand the process will go above and beyond to disclose all the properties defects to the buyer in writing. If a problem is disclosed properly the buyer cannot come back to sue later. All the terms and responsibilities should be spelled out in writing and abided by both parties. Resist the temptation to make unnecessary last minute changes.

Sell first and move later: Vacant homes look forlorn and are more difficult to sell. The home has a forgotten, vacant feeling. Moving before selling could also cost you thousands during negotiations. Buyers will think you are highly motivated because you have already moved on. This will give the buyers the negotiating edge.

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What Are Germany’s Famous Tourist Attractions and Activities?


A picturesque town featuring picturesque Heidelberg Castle and picturesque postcards, it couldn’t be more picturesque. Visitors rarely miss a stroll along the Hauptstrasse through the old town.

Reichstag, Berlin

Germany’s past and future are represented in no other building quite like this one. Construction started in 1884, and a decade later it was the parliament for Bismark’s German Empire. After the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989, British architect Sir Norman Foster’s glass dome has capped off the Hitler-tainted building’s rebirth as a united democracy. Visitors can walk right up to the dome and even have a meal there.

Cologne Cathedral

The dom is a positively enormous thirteenth-century Gothic cathedral in the centre of the city (a few steps from the central train station) that makes a trip to Cologne worthwhile on its own.

The Marienplatz glockenspiel, Munich

This hyperactive cuckoo clock in central Munich forms part of the town hall’s Gothic façade. Time your visit for 11a.m, noon or 5p.m and you’ll get to see the re-enactment of Duke William V’s wedding to Renata von Lothringen.


If you’re one of those picky travelers who’d rather see the original than be satisfied with the Disney replication, you’ll need to brave the crowds and make a pilgrimage to this famous „Sleeping Beauty“ castle. (Extra Bonus; there’s now also Musical Theatre Neuschwanstein, a nightly performance based on King Ludwig II’s tragic life.)

Dachau concentration camp

No matter what you’ve read or how many movies you’ve seen on the subject, it’s hard to appreciate what happened under Hitler’s regime without a trip to a concentration camp memorial. Dachau wasn’t the largest such death machine but it was the first to be built, and a few hours of wandering the grounds will likely leave a powerful imprint in your soul.

Soak in a spa at Baden-Baden

Germany’s most famous spa lies in the heart of the Black Forest. Its famed curative mineral waters bubble up from thermal springs at temperatures over 68.C. The Therme of Caracilla is popular with families, but for a more upscale (and less clothed) experience, try Friedrichsbad

Cycle along the Danube

The cycle path that runs along the Danube river passes monasteries, castles, meadows and forests on a route that is littered with UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you get hooked, you can continue all the way down to Vienna and Bratislava.

Windsurf LakeConstance

Near the Swiss border, the winds of Lake Constance lure German windsurfers by the dozen. Rent a board at Strandbad Eichwald. If your arms get tired, you can also fish the lake (with a permit) for pike, perch and eel. Or head to Lindau, rent a bike, and circle the water on two wheels. Or just take a dip; the mountains surrounding the lake provide magical backdrop for a swim.

Mountain bike the Black Forest

The Black Forest park has the largest network of mountain-bike trails in the world – about 1400km worth, and with routes for all levels. There are several places to access the trails: the Elz and Simonswalder valleys, Triberg, Schonach, Schonwald, Furtwangen, St Georgen, Hardt, Lauterbach, Schramberg and Tennenbronn.

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Nursing Home Care Versus Home Care

If you’re in the market for long term care for an elderly or disabled adult who needs medical monitoring and assistance with personal care, hygiene, and other daily living activities, the odds are that you’re considering both nursing home care and at-home care. These two options are the most poplar solutions when a loved one’s medical needs have progressed beyond what the patient can do for themselves or what the patient’s family can provide. Choosing the best option can be a challenge. Both offer benefits and drawbacks, and in the end, it’s a question of which one better serves more of the patient’s needs. Understanding the positives and negatives of each long term care option can help make the decision easier.

One of the big benefits that nursing homes provide is the opportunity for structured and unstructured activities and socialization. In many nursing home settings, residents who are able to participate will find themselves able to participate in everything from field trips to resident council meetings. Larger nursing homes usually employ activities directors that arrange outings and transportation, club meetings, games, and social affairs for the residents. In addition to socializing with other residents, it’s not unusual for residents and staff members to develop friendly attachments. Speaking of staff, nursing homes employ enough staff to cover patient care and medical needs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Even if several people call in sick or inclement weather prevents people from driving, you can be assured that at a nursing home, there is a full staff to see to your loved one’s needs.

The primary drawback of nursing home care is the loss of familiar surroundings that residents will experience. It is not at all uncommon for normally alert and oriented patients to become confused while transitioning to nursing home care, though this typically does not last long. Residents are usually assigned a roommate, or will have to pay extra for a private rooms. Private rooms are often scarce even for those willing to pay extra. Because space is limited, nursing home residents are only allowed to bring a limited number of possessions from home. If the most adequate nursing home for a patient is located far from their home, they may even lose the comfort of familiar faces, as family and friends may find it difficult or inconvenient to visit. Patients may feel abandoned, may be distressed about the loss of privacy and possessions, and may be intimidated by the many strangers that work and live in the nursing home.

Employing an agency to provide nurses and aides for at-home care or hiring nurses or aides privately neatly addresses the problem of unfamiliar surroundings. Home care allows the patients to keep their possessions, stay in the home that they’re familiar and comfortable with, and avoid unwanted interactions with strangers. It’s common for agencies to send the same home care team to a patients home on a regular basis, and when hiring private medical caregivers, families often choose caregivers who are interested in live-in positions. That means that the patient can get to know and feel comfortable with their caregivers. There is usually a lower turnover in these positions than in nursing home positions. Being the only patient in the house also affords the patient with more privacy than an institutional setting can. Family and friends who regularly visited before the home care was needed won’t have to change their routine to keep in touch.

On the other hand, a patient who already had little interaction with family and friends can become very isolated when being cared for at home with only the caregiver for company. At-home care also carries the risk of the caregiver not showing up when needed, either through scheduling errors or in emergency situations. Depending on the physical and mental state of the patient, being left alone could be a minor inconvenience or a disaster, or anything in between. It should also be noted that, while the majority of home nurses and nurse aides are caring individuals and upstanding citizens, the risk of abuse, theft, or fraud may be higher in home care situations where there is less oversight. Families should also consider the cost. At-home care often costs more out of pocket than nursing home care, and in many cases, money must be spent to outfit the house with rails, a hospital bed, and other safety and medical accessories.

In the end, the decision is a personal one for the patient and family. Keep in mind that any patient who is able should take an active role in discussing and deciding their medical and personal care needs, and if at all possible, the final choice should rest with the patient.

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Private Schools Around Wentworth Estate in Surrey

The Wentworth Estate village (in Virginia Water, Surrey) is one of the most exclusive residential areas in the world. It is the home of millionaires as well as one of the world renowed golf courses that shares its name: the Wentworth Golf Club.

With such exclusive residents of the Wentworth Estate or the remaining areas of Virginia Water, there is no shortage of private schools around the area. Here are some of the good private schools nearby:

Papplewick is as a prep school for 200 boys aged 6 to 13. By setting the bar high, Papplewick boys gain entry to the top UK senior schools including Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Wellington, Charterhouse, and Stowe.

St Mary’s Schools is a leading Roman Catholic boarding school for girls aged between 11 and 18 years set in 55 acres of beautiful grounds in the heart of Berkshire. They are a friendly, stable and caring community, proud of our academic and extra-curricular achievements and dedicated to bringing out the full potential of each of our 380 pupils.

Gordons School is listed as one of Britain’s outstanding schools by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, Gordon’s is a unique non-selective state boarding school that recognises that a good education is not just about outstanding examination results but a thorough preparation for life. Gordons is one of Britain’s most academically successful state schools.

Heathfield is a leading, all-boarding school for girls aged 11 to 18 years old. The school is set in 36 acres of magnificent grounds, and conveniently situated in Ascot. The school is fully equipped with all the teaching, sporting and leisure facilities required to make education a challenging and positive experience.

The Marist The establishment of a boarding and day school in the Berkshire village of Sunninghill by the Marist Sisters was a direct result of the German air offensive against London in the early 1940s. Today the Marist Schools are independent Catholic day schools for girls aged 2½ to 11 and 11 to 18 years. Both schools are situated within 55 acres of woodland on one site.

Hall Grove The school occupies a unique site, with lots of open space, parkland and woodland. The school started with just 6 pupils. The property was in near derelict condition and had been empty for over two years. Today, it is a vibrant, happy community of over 400 boys and girls with an outstanding reputation for academic, musical and sporting success.

Coworth Flexlands is a preparatory day school and nursery set in 13 acres of countryside on the Surrey and Berkshire borders near Chobham. They provide places for 160 girls with boys being accepted into the nursery between the ages of 3 and 5 years.

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Real Estate 101 – How to Find Your Realtor

„Buying a new home, especially if it’s your first home, is not an easy thing to do. There’s new terminology to learn, an entire process to follow and a large number of decisions to make. That’s why almost everyone who buys a home works with professionals in the field to make sure that they get a good deal on a good home without too much of a headache. The most important person in the team of professionals that you’ll want as a home buyer is your realtor. But how do you go about finding a good realtor?

Here are some of the top ways that successful home buyers find good realtors:

1) Word-of-mouth. Often, the best way to get a good realtor is to start asking everyone you know if they know of a good realtor. You’ve probably gotten other professional help this way (everyone’s always asking if you know of a good dentist, right?) Of course, you shouldn’t just jump into bed with the first realtor who gets referred to you – your Aunt Sally’s blind elderly neighbor that talks to his cat might come with her referral but he might not be able to meet your home buying needs. But good word-of-mouth referrals are a great starting point for finding a good realtor.

2) Look at the ads in real estate magazines. A picture is worth a thousand words right? If someone is invested enough to get a good professional picture and take the time to advertise in key locations, he probably cares a lot about his real estate business. And that means he’s got a good chance of being a dedicated realtor. It doesn’t hurt to search the ads to see who is out there and to make an appointment to meet with some people.

3) Make use of your search engine. You can do a whole lot of research into local realtors by typing your information request into your search engine. Review some realtor websites and look for positive reviews of realtors in your area to help you find a good realtor.

4) Put together a list of interview questions and don’t be afraid to interview a number of different realtors until you find the one that you want to work with. Yes, you might be seen as a pesky client but if a realtor wants your business, she’s going to work hard to get it which means she’ll fully answer the questions that you have. Things you’ll want to know include the length of time she’s been in business, how well she knows the area that you’re interested in buying a home in and what she’s going to do to help you understand the home buying process.

If you find a good realtor, the rest of the home buying process should go relatively smoothly. Yes, you’ll still have decisions to make but you’ll have a professional real estate agent there to help you with those decisions. And you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that the hard part is over. Well, at least until it’s time to start moving in!“

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Source by Kinan I Beck

Real Estate Agent Job Description

Real estate agents liaise between home owners and buyers to conduct the sale, purchase or rent of properties. They work for brokers and play a major role in assisting people buy or sell residential, commercial or industrial property. They keep and maintain an up-to-date account of property listing and other relevant housing information to stay abreast with properties available on the real estate market. They subscribe to several listing services to advertise and market properties up for sale. They also contact property and market properties up for sale. They also contact property owners to obtain information regarding a property.

As part of their responsibilities, estate agents present sales and purchase offers to clients for consideration. They advise them on property rates, legal requirements and general market trend. They also interview clients to determine their property preference or specification. Usually, they prepare a list of properties that best match the needs and requirements of clients. They visit and inspect properties in order to establish precise property value. They also proffer recommendations to clients on properties that best suit their budget and preference.

Most estate agents oversee the preparation of closing statements, purchase agreements, representation contracts and other necessary documents required for estate trade. They conduct negotiations between property sellers and buyers to establish price and other terms of sales. They also liaise with pest control operators, home inspectors etc. to ensure the terms and conditions stated in a purchase agreement are met prior to the closing of sales.

In fulfilling their role, real estate agents oversee the closing of property sales, they ensure payment is complete and appropriate documents signed. They maintain contact with clients to offer them real estate services/products and assist with the resolution of issues. They also provide consultation services to clients to recommend strategies for the speedy sale of property. They often conduct training programs for junior/trainee sales agents to enhance their sales skill. This job position requires at least a high school diploma, state license for practice and an aptitude for sales. Qualities needed for the job include persuasion, interpersonal skills and problem-solving skills.

Real Estate Agent Job Description Sample

Given below is a sample of the job description usually handed real estate agents by most employers:

  • Act as liaisons to conduct real estate trade between property buyers and sellers
  • Present sales offers to clients as well as bid on available properties
  • Carry out investigations to determine client credit status and ability to complete payment
  • Inspect properties to appraise its value and estimate the worth on the property market
  • Interact with clients to identify their requirements and proffer recommendations on properties that best suit their budgets
  • Assist home sellers in promoting their buildings on property listing services to attract clients for purchase
  • Prepare and deliver sales pitches to clients in order to secure real estate contract
  • Provide clients with a list of properties available for sale to assist them in making choice selection
  • Conduct price negotiations between property buyers and sellers to ensure a fair bargain for both parties
  • Provide clients with a tour of residential, industrial or commercial properties to showcase and explain property features
  • Carry out investigations to confirm clients have clear property titles
  • Provide appropriate reply to client’s enquiries concerning property appraisals, financing, maintenance etc.
  • Examine property premises to recommend maintenance measure required to improve the face value
  • Assist clients in evaluating mortgage options to obtain the best rate and terms
  • Attend conventions, conferences and seminars to improve existing job knowledge and expand personal network.

If you are a recruiter needing the best real estate agent to hire, you can use the sample job description above in making one for your company, for use in hiring and assigning duties to the successful candidates.

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Source by Dan Faris

Obtaining First Time Home Buyer Grants – Free Down Payment Help

If you are in the market to buy your first new home, you may happy to learn that you may be able to qualify for first time home buyer grants, which can provide you with down payment assistance on the purchase of your new home. These grant programs are often provided to new home buyers, regardless of credit or income.

With first time home buyer grants, those buyers can get money for down payment, closing and to help reduce mortgage payments. Because the funds that are awarded are not loans, the applicant never has to worry about paying the money back. It’s just a matter of finding and applying for them.

Traditionally, first time home buyer grants are provided by local or state government agencies. They are used to help expand or develop the community. By providing these grants, the government is able to effectively raise home values, attract new home owners and small business. That means more tax revenue for the government, making time home buyer grants end up being a win-win situation.

Different types of grants are available with various terms. As you search the grant directory, you’ll want to review the terms of each grant to find the one that is most suitable for you and most closely matches your qualifications. There is, however, no limit on the number of grants you can apply for or receive. As long as you are at least 18 years old and a tax paying citizen, you are free to apply for as many government and private foundation grants as you like.

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First Time Homebuyers and Down Payment Assistance Programs

May 27, 2010 Down Payment Assistance Programs (DPA’s) for First Time Home Buyers By: Michael A. Foote, CMB

There is money available for first time homebuyers today. In a much needed addition to financing products available today, down payment assistance programs are available once again. Down Payment Assistance Programs are generally a local, state or federal grant or bond program designed to assist certain persons with certain income levels in certain areas, with money that can be used for down payment and closing costs on many purchase loans.

These tax free grants or loans are generally forgivable provided the buyer stays in the home for a designated amount of time. And these dollars can dramatically change the amount of money required for closing when these first time homebuyers buy a home. For example, a typically FHA borrower may have to come up with over 4-7% total of the sales price whereas a borrower with a WISH down payment assistance program may only need to bring in 2-3% total. That’s a huge amount of money on a several hundred thousand dollar transaction. If you amortize out that difference the savings are literally tens of thousands of dollars since most closing costs are financed in the new mortgage.

So what does the process with „DPA“ look like when compared to the regular loan process. Quite frankly, it’s seem less to the user insofar that the lender will generally have to deal with the additional hoops during the process. For the borrower/buyer they probably wouldn’t know the difference. The only real difference is a potential for a slightly longer loan processing time. So is DPA a good idea? Well, lately it has been a challenge for Realtors to get clients using FHA let alone FHA WITH Down Payment Assistance so an argument could be made that using DPA on an Offer to Purchase could be a determining factor for the seller’s side when these choose the offer to open escrow with. The only cure for this pitfall will need to be more product on the market for properties up to the $400,000 range as DPA generally have no purpose and no qualifying borrowers as the sales price rises and/or in areas of high per capita income. Undoubtedly, DPA has a place in today’s financing landscape and those of in the industry are happy to have it, it is one more additional tool to increase homeownership for low to mid income families. And this product will help sell the forecasted shadow inventory rumored to be lurking around the corner.

Only time will tell if that come to fruition or not. These programs are not free from abuse, there have been in the past scams related to DPA and officials, lenders, and large institutions have really scaled back what is allowable as DPA. Also economics play into the availability of these from all the time. There are many DPA’s completely drained of funds.

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Source by Michael Foote

5 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

If you are a first time home buyer, you may want to have the right strategies to save a down payment, apply for a mortgage, and buy a house that you desire. Just like any large project, you need to get the details right for a successful home buying experience. With these steps, you can navigate the process and get a great deal. Given below are some of the tips that can help you purchase the best home. Read on to find out more.

1. Start Saving as Early as Possible

Make sure you start saving as soon as possible. This way you will have plenty of money to spend on the best house. You need money for making a down payment and meeting closing costs and move-in expenses. Generally, the down payment is 10% of the full value of the property.

2. Decide on your Budget

Find out how much you can spend on the property prior to starting your search. You can use an affordability calculator in order to set a price range on the basis of a lot of factors, such as your credit rating, down payment, and income, just to name a few.

3. Work with a Real Estate Agent

Working with a reliable real estate agent can help you check out homes that can meet your needs. They can make it easier for you to negotiate with sellers and get the best deal possible. You may also want to get referrals from other home buyers. We suggest that you interview at least five agents and ask them for references. Make sure that the agent has at least 10 years of experience in the field.

4. Go for the Right type of House

You may want to compare the advantages and disadvantages of different types of properties based on your budget and lifestyle. Unlike a single-family home, a townhome or condominium can be a much better choice. Another great option that you may want to consider is a fixer-upper. They come with lower price tags. But you may want to set some money aside for remodeling these properties.

You may want to consider your long-term needs, especially if you are planning to expand your family. In other words, you may want to purchase a house that has additional rooms.

5. Stick to your Budget

You may not want to spend more than what you can afford. Therefore, it is not a good idea to spend more than what you can payback. This is important if you want to avoid financial stress in the future. It is better that you consider properties that are priced lower than your maximum budget.

Long story short, if you are a first-time home buyer, we suggest that you follow these steps and you will be able to buy your first home without getting into trouble. Just make sure you have set a budget and taken into consideration all the important pointers given in this article.

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Source by Shalini M

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