Real Estate Agent

Tel: 06227-399170 Handy: 0176-2116-9990 eMail: Internet: Introduction: A real estate broker or an agent is a person who act on behalf of the buyer and the seller i.e. customer and the supplier. Real estate agent is otherwise called as „sales person“. More or less a sales person and the real estate agent are […]

Differences between Realtors, real estate brokers and real estate agents

Tel: 06227-399170 Handy: 0176-2116-9990 eMail: Internet: Nowadays when people decide that they want to buy or sell a house, residence, condominium, vacant land or a building they say say that they need a Realtor. They say this because most people believe that anyone who is licensed or authorized to handle the sale or […]

How to Find a Property Management Company to Rent Your Home

Tel: 06227-399170 Handy: 0176-2116-9990 eMail: Internet: There are several things to consider if you are an existing homeowner that is thinking about taking advantage of the current tax incentive for purchasing another home. The help with the down payment might mean that you would rent your existing home out to make the payment […]

Real Estate Marketing Ideas From Top Producing Agents

Tel: 06227-399170 Handy: 0176-2116-9990 eMail: Internet: What’s the first thought that pops in your head when somebody talks to you about a referral letter marketing method for Realtors? I’ll bet you $20 you think I’m talking about getting letters of recommendation and testimonials from your past clients, right? That’s a effective marketing idea […]

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